More Than Sick of Salt

Long COVID Symptoms

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By Dr. Nicholas DePace and Dr. Joseph Columbo

Long‑COVID Symptoms

Long-COVID symptoms may be explained by a pro-inflammatory state with oxidative stress and P&S dysfunction.

Cardiopulmonary testing for unexplained dyspnea post-COVID-19 was reported. Patients with symptoms consistent with chronic fatigue had an abnormal pattern of oxygen uptake on cardiopulmonary testing consistent with what is seen with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Circulatory impairment, abnormal ventilatory pattern, and chronic fatigue syndrome may be common in patients with post-acute sequelae of post-concussive syndrome, and this accounts for the mechanism of dyspnea in many patients who do not have pulmonary disease from Long-COVID or myocardial dysfunction.

The symptoms of Long-COVID syndrome may all be associated with autonomic dysfunction as measured with cardiorespiratory testing and Current Cardiology Reports 1 3 relieved with appropriate parasympathetic or sympathetic therapies based on the cardiorespiratory test.

This Post is an excerpt from Current Cardiology Reports:

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