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Expert Witness

Medical Expert Witness


Dr. DePace

Dr. DePace has served as a medical legal expert since 1983.  He initially began doing cardiac workmen’s compensation cases.  He has evaluated and testified for both the defense and plaintiffs in work related heart disease issues.

Dr. DePace also has expertise in the areas of malpractice where he has rendered opinions and testified in both defense and plaintiff cases of negligence.  He has been doing this since, approximately, 1985 and has significant experience, predominantly, in cardiovascular disorders.

Dr. DePace has also been selected by steering committees of various plaintiff groups regarding adverse effects of drugs.  He has worked with the Vioxx committees, Avandia committees, Yaz birth control committees, and has done work with fen-phenextensively.  He has a broad understanding of pharmacology.  In addition, Dr. DePace is extremely well versed in epidemiology and understands the correlation between cause and effect in matters of medical importance.

Dr. DePace offers attorneys the availability to have their cases screened in any of the areas discussed above without significant monies.  For a nominal cost, he can evaluate a case for its merit and render an opinion as to whether there is merit or not.  In many instances, if a case does have merit, he will be willing to stay on as an expert and write a formal report and testify in court if need be.

In addition, Dr. DePace has expertise in qui tam cases and has served as a relator in a prior case.  He is often asked for advice and counsel in Qui Tam cases regarding medical issues.

Dr. DePace has been named by Philadelphia Magazine as Top Cardiologist for 2015 and 2016.  He has also been named as Top Cardiologist in South Jersey Magazine for many years prior and has been listed as Top Cardiology in Star Ledgers yearly listings for the entire state of New Jersey.

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