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Mind-Body Wellness Program

The FranklinCardiovascular Mind-Body Wellness Program (Mind-BodyWellnessProgram) is designed to provide you MAXIMUM QUALITY OF LIFE and LONGEVITY. It does so by recommending its “Six prongs to WELLNESS

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Omega-3 Fatty Acids is the membrane molecule, it provides the building blocks (like the stones) for our membranes (walls, as in the insert, right) to keep them supple and receptive (like the flowers) to passing in to the cell the raw materials necessary to support WELLNESS as well as passing out those which do not.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide anti-atherosclerotic molecule, with a supporting cast of amino acids, vitamins, and mineralsit keeps the body operating as a WELL oiled machine.  It is a policeman, regulating blood flow and preventing traffic jams (clots).  It is a fireman preventing inflammation that causes white blood cells from adhering to blood vessel walls.  It is a paramedic,repairing membranes throughout the body.  It is an engineer building new blood vessels (roads) to efficiently supply the entire body.It is also an antioxidant.

Antioxidants (Alpha Lipoic Acid and CoQ10 )

Antioxidants (Alpha Lipoic Acid and CoQ10) to prevent stress at the cellular level from both inFLAMmation and oxidative stress (oxidation is burning – a fire is an oxidation reaction); this includes keeping the immune system and the power plants of the body – the Mitochondria –WELL.  In fact, antioxidants support the health of all systems throughout the body, and help to keep them healthy, energized, and WELL.

Products - Mind-Body Wellness Program

The products, CardioNeuroMitoTM, VassoPlusTM, and Omega-3Fish Oil, are the supplements that provide the first three of the 6-prongs of the Mind-Body Wellness Program.

The three lifestyle prongs (following) of the Mind-Body Wellness Program all provide anti-oxidant protection.  In fact, exercise may just be the most potent of all antioxidant processes.

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet as a lifestyle to fuel our bodies with the ingredients required for WELLNESS, while avoiding ingredients that promote the diseases of our time that are becoming epidemic (over 15 types of cancer, dementia, atherosclerosis,and Diabetes).


Exercise is not a dirty word! It is a fountain of youth lifestyle for WELLNESS.  Think of it in terms of an active lifestyle.  The lifestyle that preceded automobiles, elevators, television remotes, and cell phones;

Psychosocial Stress Reduction

Psychosocial Stress Reduction is a lifestyle to prevent stress at the system level, promoting a happy, “laughter is the best medicine,” kind of WELLNESS

The Mediterranean Diet and Exercise work together to provide the foundations for health and WELLNESS.  Exercise and Psychosocial Stress Reduction help to keep the body happy, reduce pain and inflammation, enabling you to enjoy your health and WELLNESS!

All SIX PRONGS are important, and are to be taken together as a whole.




The Franklin Cardiovascular Mind-Body Wellness Program, includes three supplements as part of its six-prongs.

The three supplements are:

1) Omega-3 Fish Oil

2) Cardio-Neuro- Mito

3) Vasso-Plus.

For adult use only. Not tested for individuals under the age of 18. Not tested for women who are pregnant or nursing. Avoid use if you have or are suspected of having a medical condition. USE STRICTLY AS DIRECTED. In the event that you experience any adverse reactions, immediately consult your healthcare
provider. Do not exceed recommended daily use unless directed by a physician or healthcare provider.

Omega-3 Fish Oil: Take two soft gel capsules by mouth once a day, unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider;

Cardio-Neuro- Mito: Take one capsules by mouth twice a day (e.g., breakfast and dinner), unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider; and

Vasso-Plus: Take one scoop of the powder mixed into 8 oz. of water by mouth once a day unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider.